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Noodle Dog Mitt & Towel


Super Absorbent, Lightweight, very fast drying and SO easy to use.  No fiddly zips or awkward bags to try to get your dog inside!!!  

This dog towel drying mitt is made from 100% premium quality fabric and has 10x times more water absorbency than a cotton towel, removes dirt and mud too.

The noodles are finely woven and dense to ensure maximum absorbency.

Simply put your hands in each end and dry your dog – no more mucky hands for you.

Handy loop to hang it after use in the car or at home.  When dry just shake it outside to remove the dried mud and dirt then use it again & again & again!

Easily washed in a washing machine – remember – no fabric softener or bleach.

High quality manufacture making it strong and it will last for years.


Weight:    12 ounces

Length:     32 inches

Width:       13 inches

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1 review for Noodle Dog Mitt & Towel

  1. Smart Numbers

    Just Brilliant – our Dogs just loves getting dried with this towel. Defo recommend

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